A Case For Greg Mayne vs Eric Olsen II

The scene is set. The London Indigo Arena, 30th March 2019. Two of the biggest personalities in the game Greg Mayne and Eric Olsen are set to do battle. The fans in attendance gleam with anticipation, after week’s of trash-talking it’s finally here… the grudge match. The bell rings and both men meet each other toe to toe, eyes swelling and fists flying, it’s clear we have a fight on our hands.

At the end of the first, both men have had their fair share of moments in a tightly contested opener rounded off with a stinging left from Mayne. The second saw more of the same, only this time it was Eric edging the output as he opened a cut above Greg’s right eye. Then came the third and boy was it entertaining, not a fan left in their seats as the two rivals put it all on the line for victory. In the end, Olsen’s hand was raised higher and perhaps it should have ended there. Yet here we are nearly five months later and there is still active debate amongst fans over who truly won.

Brooklyn Freeman

In a Facebook post by BKB co-owner Jim Freeman entitled ‘Most people feel Eric Olsen lost the Mayne fight’, debate continued in the comment section below. Both Mayne and Olsen got involved and unofficially agreed to a rematch providing BKB went forward with the fight. Now I’m not here to speculate over who won the contest, however, never in the history of the sport have we had such a hotly debated result. Add to this the entertainment value of the first fight and all of it’s wonderful build up and you have the perfect recipe for a rematch.

As it stands both men are currently without opponents and Greg Mayne is in essence retired while nursing a broken hand. However, this hasn’t stopped Greg from calling for the fight and in an official statement to ‘Toe The Line’ he made this very clear:

I feel I missed a huge oppurtunity in our fight…. Apart from a hard jab that kept coming into my face I wasn’t troubled by much else. I feel that I would deal with you easily if we were to fight again. I’d even go as far to say I’d stop you this time. I did you a favour by asking to fight you on BKB 16, as you would not have been fighting on that show otherwise. You are the only person I would come out of retirement for, to get the result I should have got the first time. So do me a favour and give me and the fans that fight. I’ll make Dundee happy next time around.

Greg Mayne’s Message To Eric Olsen

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