Bachir Fakhouri: An Education at the School of Hard Knocks

Paolo Lucci lifts the lid on a new and controversial face in BKB. Learn everything you need to know about the heavy-handed Bachir Fakhouri ahead of his BKB debut. He fights the explosive Paul Hilz in just over one week’s time.

BKB™ is the world’s only legal promotion for Bare Knuckle boxing. Bare Knuckle is a bloody and brutal sport. Broken noses, eye sockets, hands and ribs are all just another day at the office. In just over one weeks’ time Bachir Fakhouri makes his BKB™ debut. Fighting with the gloves off is an opportunity for Bash to better himself and encourage others to do the same. On 25th January, the 02 London will be a platform for his message about working hard in life and not falling for the trap of chasing empty promises.

An impressive CV

Fighters must have a proven combat sport record at an elite level to be accepted on the BKB™ roster. Fakhouri is no different. Having trained in Taekwondo since the age of ten, Bash has achieved a string of honours over his professional campaign. After his Olympic trials, Fakhouri represented Team UK and Team Europe in tournaments held in Africa and South America. He is also a ZT Fight Night winner- a title held by UFC veterans John Hathaway and Oli Thompson. Bash’s impressive 4-2-1 professional K1 record also saw him take home the British Championship. 

The heavy-handed middleweight consistently impressed with his knockout power too. Most recently, Fakhouri boxed in 4oz gloves, which offer less than half of the protection of industry standard 10oz gloves. Bash’s last opponent Adnan “AnyKilo” Bushashey is a proficient kickboxer, known for taking on fighters of any size and weight. After being seriously rocked in his encounter with Bash, he said: “That guy throws bombs… I was like, wow, what is hitting me?”.

Bash joins UFC stars Oli Thompson and John Hathaway as a ZT Fight Night winner. Photo courtesy of Bachir Fakhouri

Polar opposites

There is more to Fakhouri than meets the eye. The professional knockout artist has had an unbelievable life. Bash’s parents came from very different backgrounds. His mother was one of 17 brothers and sisters in Canterbury’s Leggett family. Meanwhile, his father was a wealthy property developer. Nowadays, Bachir resides in Eastbourne with his partner and young daughter. Reaching this point has been far from straight forward though.

Bachir has felt the very extremes of life. At one point he lived a life of luxury in the city. His lucrative career in medical equipment brought home an impressive 100k base salary and weighty bonuses. Meanwhile, in the ring, his fighting career went from strength to strength. Then things went wrong. Poor life choices led him to losing everything, including his shot at being a professional martial artist. At his lowest, Bash was at the mercy of his personal demons and admitted to a high security prison for violent offenders.

However, he’s keen to avoid life’s rear-view mirror. “I feel great. I’m back to training and I’m happy. All is good now.” Bash isn’t after sympathy. Rather, he wants to use his experience to benefit others.

Fakhouri represented Team UK and Team Europe in Taekwondo competitions all over the world. Here he is fighting for the Intercontinental belt in a tournament in Africa. Photo courtesy of Fakhouri.

Life lesson

Fakhouri’s message is one of lifestyle. He advocates that the apparent glamour of the ‘gangster life’ is hollow and unrealistic. “You might be watching gangster films at home or hearing stories about people in your area thinking yea that’s cool, but it’s not,” Bash warned. “It’s easy to get sucked into the wrong lifestyle”. Bachir’s lesson comes from experience. “Trust me, you don’t want to lead a life where you’re looking over your shoulder every minute. When you’re in a tough prison, no one cares what a hard-man you were on the outside.”

Fakhouri has gone from fighting to defend himself against mindless violence to fighting as a professional at the 02 London. The last BKB show was in front of a sell-out Indigo room and televised live across 19 countries across five continents. He has turned his life around and is leading a fulfilling life. “Working hard to better yourself is cool. Getting a good job and achieving your goals – that’s what it’s about.”

Let’s be real

Fakhouri is a breath of fresh air to talk to. Naturally charismatic and with a perfect smile, you’d be surprised to learn that he is a professional Bare Knuckle boxer. His attitude pervades into his fighting life too. “At the end of the day, me and Paul [Bachir’s next opponent] are gonna go in there to take each other’s heads off. It’s gonna be a cracking fight, but I like Paul and know we’re gonna be friends after.” Fakhouri’s refreshingly down-to-Earth outlook is completely at odds with the pantomime fake feuds and schoolground trash-talk we too often see in gloved boxing.  

Bash is now back to what he does best and is looking forward to his middleweight clash at the 02 London. On the 25th January, he faces former professional boxer Paul Hilz. “The Brawler” Hilz is 2-1 in Bare Knuckle boxing, with both of his wins coming via first round knockout. Fakhouri is no stranger to tough fights though. “I know Paul’s a great fighter, but I’m going for the win. I’m not in there to mess about, I’m coming for the knockout!”

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Boxing in 4oz gloves. Photo courtesy of Burghley Images ( and Victory Fights

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