Big Punch Is Down To Big Hands, Says BKB’s KO King Daniel Lerwell

Bare-knuckle boxing’s biggest hitter has revealed the secrets behind his lights-out punch.

Footage of Daniel Lerwell’s jaw-dropping knockouts have had millions of views on the internet and he’s been put at the top of a list of the sport’s pound-for-pound heaviest hitters.
The Welshman says that ever since he was a boy he’s been flattening his rivals – and he puts it down to his huge hands.
Lerwell said: “I just think a big punch is something you’re born with – and my big hands help !
“My late grandfather fought for years in the boxing booths and he always said it was all down to his big hands !
“I have inherited them.
“I’m only 6ft tall, but I have big hands. My fists are huge when I clench them.
“Perhaps that’s the secret.
“I don’t do a lot of weights, like people might think. I run a lot, do circuit training, pad work and sparring.
“I’ve always been able to punch.
“At primary school when I was 10 years old there were a few of us who were into fighting. I was always getting into fights – and always putting people on their arse !
“At that age, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I still used to put them on their arse.
“Years later when I got into fights in pubs I always ended up knocking them out. I’ve got a black belt in judo, but I’ve never used it. I just hit them on the chin and it’s all over.”
Lerwell had a high knockout percentage in the amateur and unlicensed boxing rings and also the MMA cage, before he found barek-nuckle boxing.
Lerwell made a huge impact with his David-and-Goliath slayings, including a one-punch knockout of Pete Radford, whose day job is being Little John at Sherwood Forest.
The only bare-knuckle fighter who’s been able to take Lerwell’s punches and stay on his feet so far was Ricky Nelder, last November.
“He has to be one of the toughest men I’ve fought,” said the 34 year old. “I hit him with a right hand, he went down and they don’t usually get up. He just shook his head, got up and said: ‘Come on.’”
There’s science behind Lerwell’s power punching.
“Look at my fights and you will see the footwork and the movement I use to get my opponents into position,” he said. “Some people think I’m just a slugger, but I’m not.”

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