BKB Part Ways With Clothing Sponsor Refuse To Lose… But Who Is Next?

News coming out of the BKBtm headquarters today confirms that the company has broken ties with official clothing sponsor ‘Refuse To Lose’. In a deal which had only just been signed a few months ago, visionary differences have been accredited as the key reason for the split. For BKBtm the search for a new clothing sponsor is well on its way with reports suggesting that the company are currently in advanced talks elsewhere. As always we here at ‘Toe The Line’ will keep you updated on the ins and outs of the new deal as we strive to break it first. To David King and Refuse To Lose we wish you a prosperous future and continued success.

For those looking to elevate your brand’s exposure to the next level do not hesitate in contacting the BKBtm fighters for sponsorship opportunities through the BKBtm facebook page. BKBtm’s next event, BKB 20 will be broadcasted across 17 countries worldwide with many more set to be added ahead of the January show. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch with the lads… You will not regret your decision!

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