BKB Release Marc Navarro

After some speculation amongst fans, BKBtm has officially confirmed the rumours that Marc Navarro has been released from his fighter contract. After future fight negotiations broke down over a conflict of interest, the relationship between Navarro and the company was left in an untenable position and therefore has justifiably come to its conclusion. BKBtm would like to assure the fans that there is no ill will towards Marc. Yet, core principles were broken in the lead up to the said release and therefore action had to be taken. BKBtm is built on a solid grounding of principles. Respect, integrity and hard work are demanded of all fighters and staff. Should any of these principles be broken then disassociation will duly follow.

Marc Navarro leaves the company with a 1-3 record with his sole victory coming against Jonny Lawson at BKB 14. However, Navarro’s career will always be defined by his losses. Three gutsy displays against the peak level of competition in Tyler Goodjohn, Sean George and Barrie Jones. Along the way, Marc became a stand out personality of the sport, characterised regularly as ‘the bad guy’. His brash no-nonsense persona and front-foot fighting style mark him as a memorable alumnus of BKBtm and all respect is given to the ‘Freckin’ Rican’ for his service to the sport. We here at ‘Toe The Line’ wish Marc all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him at an event in the near future.

2 thoughts on “BKB Release Marc Navarro

  1. Sadly I think that you will it very hard to find a fighter, Warrior of Marc Navvaro,s breed and Class, to fill his boots in your ring for a long time The Dundee Boxer has done Scotland Proud ☝️❤️ Gary Taz Carroll

  2. The dudes going around telling people he was special forces and wearing equipment that only real soldiers should be wearing. He was a below par fighter and just because he got in the ring with his very basic skill set doesn’t make him a warrior. It makes him stupid!

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