BKB Was Too Tough For Tyler Goodjohn, Says Arch Rival

Tyler Goodjohn quit bareknuckle boxing because it was too tough for him, says his arch rival Ricardo Franco.

Goodjohn and Franco were involved in social media spats that looked sure to lead to a fight – before Goodjohn announced he was retiring to star in adult films.
He had been set to fight Jimmy Sweeney and Franco believes that after a hard battle with veteran Sean George last time out, Goodjohn didn’t fancy another war.
Franco said: “I don’t think Tyler really wants it anymore.
“He beat Sean George and he’s a big name in BKB, but he isn’t really in his prime anymore. He’s had a lot of hard fights and Tyler still couldn’t finish him. He still went the full seven rounds.
“After that, I think Tyler thought: ‘This is too hard for me.’ He’s taken too much punishment and I think he knew Jimmy was going to beat him.
“Tyler loves the attention and wants to be a celebrity, but nobody is bothered about him.
“He says he wants to fight in America and messages Artem Lobov, but nobody cares about him in America. Nobody cares about him and Lobov.
“Nobody would care about me and Lobov either. You have to build your name if you want fights like that and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

What do you think? Watch our last interviews with both men below:

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