Breaking News: New BKB Weight Classes Released!

Minimumweight- Below 10.5 stone

Flyweight- 10.5 stone to 11 stone

Bantamweight- 11 stone to 11.5 stone

Featherweight- 11.5 stone to 12 stone

Lightweight- 12 stone to 12.5 stone

Welterweight- 12.5 stone to 13 stone

Super Welterweight- 13 stone to 13.5 stone

Middleweight- 13.5 stone to 14 stone

Super Middleweight- 14 stone to 14.5 stone

Light Heavyweight- 14.5 stone to 15 stone

Cruiserweight- 15 stone to 16 stone

Heavyweight- 16 stone plus

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: New BKB Weight Classes Released!

  1. Why the massive difference between gloved boxing and BKB?

    Seems a bit strange to re-invent the wheel when there are weight classes are already in place.

    And can you supply some examples of what fighters are in each weight class.



    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment buddy. As I do not make decisions for the company I am not able to give you a definet answer. However, it seems to me to have a lot to do with the depth of fighters in each weight class, with lower weights being very difficult to fill. The weights are pretty much the same with different names for example, Tyler Goodjohn is now at Bantamweight rather than Featherweight and Kris Trezise is now a Welterweight rather than a middleweight. If you have any further questions don’t hesistate to get in touch again. Have a great evening mate.


    2. Hi Ian

      Sorry just to add mate, Big reason has to do with same day weigh ins with hue changes to weight cutting methods.



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