Connelly And Goodjohn Scrap Outside Of The Ring

Saturday Evening saw James Connelly and Tyler Goodjohn reportedly exchange blows at a back-garden party, leaving Goodjohn in hospital with a broken jaw. Connelly speaks up on the fight for the first time since the incident occurred, in this ‘Toe The Line’ exclusive.

On 11th July, a fairly insignificant and mundane Saturday evening turned into one of the most active social media sessions seen in quite some time. Tyler Goodjohn took to Instagram and Facebook to issue the following statement:

@eltornadotyler Instagram Post- 12th July 2020

Since this post, Connelly has remained fairly quiet on social media. However, after an onslaught of backlash from waves of Goodjohn’s fans, James sat down to tell us his side of the story.

“I never wanted to talk about this because I’m a very private person, however, after seeing Tyler’s posts I feel I need to defend my name.”

“What Tyler is saying is false and I really think he’s done himself an injustice here. He’s dug himself a hole that he’s gonna find it hard to get out of. I’m not happy about this, he was my friend, but he’s not any more. To be honest, I wish it hadn’t of happened this way, but since Tyler’s got talking, something needs to be said. I want to handle this like men, so I’m offering him out for a straightener under the BKBtm banner. Name a date and we can have it again.”

“I’m not interested in grassing and getting involved in all this drama, so I’ll leave my final statement to the home-owner Rebecca, which you can find on Instagram.”

The statement James is referring to can be found below:

@bckyb’s Instagram statement- 15th July 2020

Tyler was invited to add further comments, but at this present moment has not added to his statements.

Clearly there are two sides to this story and we’re not here to speculate over which one is correct. Regardless, with Goodjohn threatening to press charges, we hope that everything works itself out and that the two men can come to some kind of agreement.

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