Current BKBtm Champions (Updated After Every Show)!

*For note this list will be updated regularly so be sure to check it after every show*

Minimumweight World Champion (Under 10.5 Stone) – Vacant

Minimumweight British Champion (Under 10.5 stone)- Vacant

Flyweight World Champion (10.5 to 11 stone)- Dan Chapman

Flyweight British Champion (10.5 to 11 stone)-Craig Morgan

Bantamweight World Champion (11 to 11.5 stone)- Barrie Jones

Bantamweight British Champion (11 to 11.5 stone)- James Lilley

Featherweight World Champion (11.5 to 12 stone)- Jimmy Sweeney

Featherweight British Champion (11.5 to 12 stone)- vacant

Lightweight World Champion (12 to 12.5 stone)- Connor Tierney

Lightweight British Champion (12 to 12.5 stone)- Nathan Decastro

Welterweight World Champion (12.5 to 13 stone)- Vacant

Welterweight British Champion (12.5 to 13 stone)- Vacant

Super Welterweight World Champion (13 stone to 13.5 stone)- Daniel Lerwell

Super Welterweight British Champion (13 stone to 13.5 stone)- vacant

Middleweight World Champion (13.5 to 14 stone)- Vacant

Middleweight British Champion (13.5 to 14 stone)- Vacant

Super Middleweight World Champion (14 to 14.5 stone)- Vacant

Super Middleweight British Champion (14 to 14.5 stone)- Anthony Holmes

Light Heavyweight World Champion (14.5 to 15 stone)- Vacant

Light Heavyweight British Champion (14.5 to 15 stone)- Vacant

Cruiserweight World Champion (15 to 16 stone)- Vacant

Cruiserweight British Champion (15 to 16 stone)- Mickey Parker

Heavyweight World Champion (16 stone plus)- Vacant

Heavyweight British Champion (16 stone plus)- Daniel Podmore

3 thoughts on “Current BKBtm Champions (Updated After Every Show)!

  1. Is the BKB policy of defending your belt within 6 months (extension granted if injured) still in place ? Some of these champions have had the belts longer than 6 months and not defended. Tyler is fighting Sweeny next right? Does this mean that Tyler now vacates the belt he won in Sept because he hasn’t defended in 6 months?

    1. Hi Steve mate,

      Thanks for getting in touch that is correct that the six month rule is in place. Exemptions for injuries and other title shots etc. are in place also hence a few longer hiatuses. British titles however, must be vacated in order for a British Champion to fight for a world title.



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