The ‘Toe The Line’ 2019 BKB Awards

What a year! There are few words to describe how incredible these last twelve months have been for Bare Knuckle Boxing. From selling out the Indigo to broadcasting BKB 19 across seventeen countries live, 2019 will be looked back on with fond memory. Personally, for me and Paolo at ‘Toe The Line’, it has been an incredible year also. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine so many people would read and watch our work. And for that, we thank the BKBtm fans for your loyalty and support! Yet it is easy in this time of reflection to forget the incredible year we have ahead of us. 2020 looks set to be another defining period in the history of the sport, with the mouth-watering prospect that is BKB 20 just around the corner. Besides this, we have many potential match-ups to look forward to including the Sweeney-Franco rematch and of course the spring Wembley Arena card.

Having been given the massive opportunity to work for BKBtm this year I have learnt above anything else the passion and drive that goes into the company. And it is the continued growth of BKBtm that must be accredited to those behind it. Firstly, the owners Jim Freeman and Joe Brown, who work tirelessly around the clock to bring the best possible product to the market. Secondly, the fighters who put their lives on the line time and time again for the love of the sport. And finally, the fans who continue to support the fastest growing combat sport in the world!

So with all that said, we here at ‘Toe The Line’ bring you are our end of the year awards ranging from serious to not so serious. Enjoy guys! See you all in 2020!

BKB Awards

Fighter Of The Year: Ricardo Franco

Fight Of The Year: James Connelly vs Ricardo Franco BKB 17

Walk Out Of The Year: Jimmy Sweeney BKB 17

Event Of The Year: BKB 19

Knockout Of The Year: Daniel Lerwell vs CJ Mills BKB 16

Upset Of The Year: Ricardo Franco Def. Jimmy Sweeney BKB 19

One To Watch In 2020: Anthony Holmes

‘Toe The Line’ Interview Of The Year: ‘Hilarious BKB Interview With Darren Hendry’

Ring Girl Of The Year: Katie Gunn

Round Of The Year: Tyler Goodjohn vs Sean George BKB 18 Round One

Breakthrough Fighter Of The Year: Rob Boardman

Comeback Fighter Of The Year: Smudger Smith

Coach Of The Year: Danny Mitchell

Unsung Hero Of The Year: Stephen Oren

Worst Cut: Paul Hilz vs Jack Arnfield BKB 18

Photo Of The Year: Smudger Smith and Tony Lafferty Salute BKB 19 (Indian Hill Design)

BKB ‘Banter’ Awards

Worst Banter: Smudger Smith

Best Teeth: Scott McHugh (Sorry Joe!)

Best Beard: Paul Hilz

‘Katie Gunn’s Best Looking Fighter’: Tyler Goodjohn

Best Dressed: Tyler Goodjohn

Worst Weight Cutter: Bachir Fakhouri

Funniest Moment: Sammy Cheesa And BKB 19’s Bloodbath Main Event

Most Tranquil: Eric Olsen

Mugshot Of The Year: Ben Gumbrell And His Parrot Friend

Everyone’s Favourite Ginger: Tony Lafferty (Smudger you are strawberry blonde!)

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