‘Toe The Line’ BKB Pound For Pound Rankings

  1. Jimmy Sweeney
  2. Ricardo Franco
  3. Dan Chapman
  4. Barrie Jones
  5. Sean George
  6. Anthony Holmes
  7. Daniel Lerwell
  8. Mickey Parker
  9. Daniel Podmore
  10. Carl Hobley

Note: This list will be updated regularly with all updates posted by date in the space below.

14/09/21- Sweeney and Franco switch places (1 and 2) after Sweeney defeats Franco at BKB 22. No other changes.

09/10/21- James Lilley (formerly 7th) removed from rankings after leaving BKBtm. Holmes, Podmore and Parker all move up one place as a result. Craig Morgan new ranking at number 10.

04/12/21- Carl Hobley NR at 10, dropping Craig Morgan out of p4p. Holmes moves from 9 to 6, Podmore and Parker drop 1 place as a result. Lerwell moves from 4 to 7. George moves up 1 place to 5. Jones moves from 5 to 4.

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